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Battery Sea Doo Seascooter Dolphin SeaDoo Seascooter Dolphin Battery Price: $72.00 On Sale! In Stock-Ships Today $59.99 SeaDoo Seascooter Dolphin Battery
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Sea-Doo Seascooter Dolphin Battery Model ZS4B2 for the Sea-Doo Sea Scooter Dolphin water scooter. Never run out of power with an additional battery for the SEA DOO Seascooter Dolphin.

Original battery for Sea Doo Dolphin seascooter models SD5542 and ZS06. Enjoy uninterupted swimming, snorkeling or diving all season long with a replacement Sea-Doo Seascooter Battery! The Sea Doo Dolphin battery is rated up to 1.5 hours of run time. Includes battery leads and connectors as shown. This battery is compatible with ZS4B2, ZS2B, and SD6541 batteries. Model: ZS4B2 12V7.5AH

Also compatible with Yamaha Seal sea scooter

Includes proprietary catalyzing system specifically designed for Sea-Doo sea scooters("after market batteries" do not include this equipment and may explode in sea scooters)

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party island Sea Doo Mega Island Price: $850.00 On Sale! In Stock-Ships Today $599.99 Sea Doo Mega Island
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The Sea Doo Mega Island inflatable Party Island with 4 speaker Mp3 music system.

The 8 person Sea Doo Mega Island is the ultimate party Island. The largest Sea Doo inflatable island float is designed for 8 people and loaded with everything you'll need for having fun on the water including waterproof MP3 storage box with 4 speakers, 2 built-in coolers, 6 drink holders, a center cooling area, a sun deck for catching  rays and a detachable boarding platform. Constructed with xtra heavy duty PVC, 3 super duty anchor attachment points and triple welded extra strength mesh this is the sturdiest most feature laden island float in the world!
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Sea Doo Aqua Ranger Sea Doo Seascooter Aqua Ranger Price: $300.00 Sea Doo Seascooter Aqua Ranger
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The Sea-Doo Seascooter Aqua Ranger is a new entry-level underwater scooter that you’ll want to use in the water for swimming, snorkeling and even shallow scuba diving.

NEW: Now equipped with integrated GoPro Camera Mount!
Tweaked performance and style will get you propelling through the water in style whether swimming, snorkeling or shallow dives down to 30ft. The Seadoo sea scooter Aqua Ranger's compact design includes protective grilles, auto shut-off, dual trigger control and positive buoyancy. This water scooter weighs 12.6 lbs. and has a run time of 1.5 hours with normal use. The Sea Doo Seascooter Aqua Ranger also includes rechargeable battery, charger and integrated GoPro Camera mount.


• speeds up to 2.5 MPH/4 Km/h
• Run time of up to 1.5 hour with normal use  
• for ages 8 and up



There is a newer model of this item: Yamaha Explorer Underwater Sea Scooter
yamaha explorer underwater sea scooter


seadoo-rs1 Sea Doo RS1 Professional Package Price: $1,699.00 Sea Doo RS1 Professional Package
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Pro Package Also Includes: GO PRO Handlebar Camera Mount, 2 Sea Doo RS Underwater Light Mounts, Spare Front Glide Foil, 2 Spare Triggers, Spare Depressurization Valve, Spare 0-Ring Kit, Spare Marine Silicone Gel and Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Sea Doo RS1 underwater scooter is a truly revolutionary DPV. The Sea Doo RS1 sea scooter featuring Lithium Ion power, Tri Stage Transmission and Auto Buoyancy is underwater propulsion evolved.

The next generation SEADOO SEASCOOTER RS1 underwater scooter features a next generation Lithium Ion power source and a powerful 500 Watt motor for blazing speeds up to 4.35 Mph (unheard of in a 21 lb. sea scooter), auto buoyancy, advanced tracking and maneuverability, a tri stage transmission and much more. The auto buoyancy feature uses a multi hull design allowing the RS1 to fill with water and automatically assume neutral buoyancy (buoyancy can be tweaked further with adjustable ballast). Navigation and maneuverability is a breeze with stabilizing glide fins allowing straight line forward operation and a down force spoiler preventing upward skidding during acceleration. A three speed transmission gives flexible operation depending on your dive profile. Waterproof integrity is unparalleled with 3 stage sealing and new pressure valve technology that allows smart depressurization of the unit when surfacing.  Advanced dashboard features comfort designed ergonomic triggers, LED incremental battery indicator for clear and easy battery life readings and accessory D-ring attachment points. Removable Lithium Ion battery is easily charged without removing battery from unit and charges fully in 7 hours with a run time up to 1.5 hours. Advised max depth is the standard recreational 130 ft limit.  Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.8 x 24 in, Weight 21 pounds 
Includes:  Li-Ion battery, charger, 4 ballast bars, 2 glide fins.

There is a newer model of this item: Yamaha 500Li Underwater Sea Scooter

Yamaha 500Li Underwater Sea Scooter