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The Yamaha Sea Scooter series features the lightest, most efficient water scooters in the world. From the Yamaha Sea Scooter Explorer pool scooter to the Yamaha 275L underwater scooter. we have the right seascooter for you, Whether you're looking for the Yamaha sea scooter of your dreams, a battery or just spare parts for your current underwater scooter you'll find it all at Seascooter Express!


Yamaha Explorer sea scooter Yamaha Seascooter Explorer Price: $410.00 On Sale! In Stock-Ships Today $349.00 Be the first one to write a review

For family fun in the pool, lake or ocean at a very attractive price it's the Yamaha Explorer water scooter!

For fun in the pool, lake or ocean, the Yamaha Explorer water scooter packs enough thrust to propel young swimmers at up to 2.5 miles per hour. The Yamaha Explorer sea scooter is equipped with all the necessary safety features, including a floating chassis, an auto shutoff function that cuts the power when you release the dual triggers, and protective grilles on the rear. Users will also appreciate the Yamaha Explorer pool scooter's lightweight design, which weighs a mere 12 pounds and is easy to carry in one hand. And should you want to dive down while snorkeling or scuba diving, the Yamaha Explorer dive propulsion vehicle can reach a maximum depth rating of 30 feet. Other features include waterproof circuitry that protects against accidental flooding and a run time of up 1 hour per charge with normal use. The Yamaha Sea Scooter Explorer pool scooter, is designed for children 8 years and older. 

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275LMain2 Yamaha 275L Underwater Sea Scooter Price: $1,050.00 On Sale! In Stock-Ships Today $899.99 Be the first one to write a review

Save air, extend range, fight currents and have fun with the new Yamaha 275L underwater sea scooter! The Yamaha 275L dive propulsion vehicle(DPV) features variable tri-stage speed control with 3-speed selection and packs thrust for a speed of up to 3.3mph and run time of up to 2 hours. 

  • 3 Speeds, Up to 3.3 MPH and up to 120 minutes of run time, 32 lbs.

  • Onboard Battery Indicator LED, Left or Right Trigger Operation

  • Advised max recreational depth 130 ft (tested to 160 ft)

  • New 3-stage seal waterproof integrity, External Adjustable Buoyancy System

  • Equipped with FAA compliant 12v/24a SLA battery and wireless "Easy Charge" battery charging system

The Yamaha 275L dive propulsion vehicle features variable tri-stage speed control with 3-speed selection and packing thrust for a speed of up to 3.3mph and run time of up to 2 hours. The Yamaha 275L a is rugged, sea scooter designed for snorkeling and scuba diving and because it is equipped with an FAA approved 12v/24a valve regulated SLA battery, you'll be able to take it on your flight to a favorite tropical dive spot. It features 3-stage seal waterproof integrity and is outfitted with new pressure-valve technology that allows smart depressurization of the unit after ascending to the surface. Also, you'll be able to accurately estimate your run time with onboard battery indicator light. Save air and spend more time exploring new dive sites, reefs and wrecks. Variable Tri-stage speed control – 3 speeds selection Weight just 32 lbs / 14.5 kg including battery. Speed up to 3.3 mph / 5.3km/h with battery life of 2 hours based on normal use. Advised maximum depth and standard recreational diving limit 130 ft / 40m (Maximum tested depth rated to 50m/160ft) Improved safety features: water protection, low battery voltage protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, audible alert when water ingress, safety lock and auto shut-off function.
Standard Equipment Includes: FAA approved for air travel valve regulated, SLA battery, battery charging pod,4 ballast weights, carry handle.

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seadoo-rs1 Sea Doo RS1 Professional Package Price: $1,399.99 Sea Doo RS1 Professional Package
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Pro Package Also Includes: Heavy Duty Carry Bag, 2 Sea Doo RS Underwater Light Mounts, 2 Spare Ballast Bars, 2 Spare Trigger Caps, Spare Depressurization Valve, Spare 0-Ring Kit, Spare Marine Silicone Gel and GO Pro Camera Mount. 

Sea Doo RS1 underwater scooter is a truly revolutionary DPV. The Sea Doo RS1 sea scooter featuring Lithium Ion power, Tri Stage Transmission and Auto Buoyancy is underwater propulsion evolved.

The next generation SEADOO SEASCOOTER RS1 underwater scooter features a next generation Lithium Ion power source and a powerful 500 Watt motor for blazing speeds up to 4.35 Mph (unheard of in a 21 lb. sea scooter), auto buoyancy, advanced tracking and maneuverability, a tri stage transmission and much more. The auto buoyancy feature uses a multi hull design allowing the RS1 to fill with water and automatically assume neutral buoyancy (buoyancy can be tweaked further with adjustable ballast). Navigation and maneuverability is a breeze with stabilizing glide fins allowing straight line forward operation and a down force spoiler preventing upward skidding during acceleration. A three speed transmission gives flexible operation depending on your dive profile. Waterproof integrity is unparalleled with 3 stage sealing and new pressure valve technology that allows smart depressurization of the unit when surfacing.  Advanced dashboard features comfort designed ergonomic triggers, LED incremental battery indicator for clear and easy battery life readings and accessory D-ring attachment points. Removable Lithium Ion battery is easily charged without removing battery from unit and charges fully in 7 hours with a run time up to 1.5 hours. Advised max depth is the standard recreational 130 ft limit.  Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.8 x 24 in, Weight 21 pounds 
Includes:  Li-Ion battery, charger, 4 ballast bars, 2 glide fins plus Pro Package.

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